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hubbub launches new tobacco cessation program

We are excited to announce the launch of a new tobacco cessation program as part of our many health and wellness offerings already available to employees! What’s so great about this new program? This evidence-based ACA compliant tobacco cessation program provides employees with a fun, individualized and effective approach to quitting tobacco use through a set of four program steps.

Current hubbub clients can begin promoting the cessation program to eligible employees today, at no additional cost to you or them! Talk to our client success team for more information.

Our cessation program is designed to provide employees with an individualized approach to quit tobacco. It also grants them the flexibility to start with any of the four steps that best fits their current needs. We understand individuals may be in different stages of their quit journey, so employees are able to join any of the four steps at any time. However, we encourage participants to complete steps 1 through 4 in sequence. Employees have the option of repeating activities as they make progress on their goal to quit tobacco use. On top of that, participants benefit from web-based learning and social support as they participate in evidence-based tobacco cessation methods aimed at helping them quit their tobacco habit for good.

As employees advance through the program, they can easily track their progress by earning badges upon completing each individual component. Employees that complete all four steps in the program receive a Tobacco Free badge! The first three of the four steps in the program are designed to be completed first in preparation to quit by helping participants: 1) identify triggers, 2) reduce tobacco use, and 3) create a quit plan and quit date. The fourth step is designed to be completed last and allows player to track their tobacco free days, leading to long-lasting results.

What do employers have to gain from encouraging employees to partake in the cessation program? Our cessation program provides employers an opportunity to implement a more comprehensive tobacco cessation program in addition to already existing health plan benefits and workplace tobacco policies. A tobacco-free workplace can also result in a more productive work environment and positively impact an employer’s bottom line when it comes to healthcare costs.

hubbub makes it easy for employers to implement the cessation program in their workplace. Employers participating in the program receive access to an Employer Cessation Toolkit with resources to encourage employee participation, a Company News Page with program information for employees, and an employee aggregate tobacco use report to track employee success.