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ignite vibrancy into your employee wellness program

There’s a real science behind healthy behavior change that lasts. At hubbub, we’ve developed a customizable corporate wellness program that seamlessly uses technology, activity trackers, targeted incentives and game mechanics to turn things we all need to be doing—like drinking more water or taking the stairs—into motivating challenges that help people achieve a healthier lifestyle.

We have seen a decrease in absenteeism, better employee engagement and our group’s medical claims have diminished— directly impacting our bottom line.

– Mark Zook, CEO, Maps Credit Union


Our helpful sales team

Ready to curb rising health care costs?

MARK, CEO Boosted the bottom line with a 34% drop in medical claims

It won’t happen overnight, but companies that stick with their wellness efforts are reaping the financial benefits of healthier employees, seeing insurance premiums hold steady and costly medical claims decline.

Need to increase productivity?

ASHLEY, HR Saw more employees show up for work this year

Employees who exercise, get enough sleep and eat a healthy diet are more energetic and come to work ready to hit the ground running.

Want to boost morale?

JEN, Customer Service Saw the glass half full in the Daily Gratitude challenge

A little friendly competition among colleagues can go a long way to revitalizing the whole team. So can finding a nice work-life balance by participating in hubbub’s unique mix of challenges.

Wondering what keeps the program relevant?

DAVID, Director Found he’s addicted to exercise

Employees will find that hubbub is intuitive, automatically enrolling them in the next level of a challenge once they’ve met a personal milestone. There are also suites of coach-designed challenges that get progressively more difficult.

Looking for health coach support?

BRIAN, Sales Lost 41 pounds working with a health coach

Our health coaches are registered nurses and fitness and nutrition experts who know how to motivate and guide employees to reach their personal wellness goals.

Eager to drive participation?

BARBARA, HR Kept the healthy momentum going with incentives

With hubbub’s turnkey incentive engine, delivered through, it’s easy to reward employees for reaching healthy milestones. Determine your rewards strategy for the year and hubbub automatically puts it into action.

Seeking a solution that works for everyone?

VINCE, Foreman Swapped sugary drinks for calorie-free water

People have different goals and abilities, so employees can tailor their own program with hubbub’s holistic offerings. With challenges that encourage people to Move, Nourish, Balance, Mingle and Rewind, there’s something for everyone at hubbub.

Want employees to know their numbers?

DUSTIN, Manager Got a wake-up call with a biometric screening

We’ll coordinate worksite biometric screenings to raise awareness of potential health risks and inspire employees to take action.

Need to create more camaraderie among your team?

CHRISTINA, Coordinator Stayed active with lots of friendly competition

Launch your own team-building challenges to break down silos and bring people together. Employees can also invite families and friends, near and far, to join them in hubbub-created challenges—at no extra charge.

Let’s work together to make healthy a habit for your team. Whether you’re just starting to think about introducing a wellness program at work, or already have one that needs a boost, hubbub can partner with you to build an integrated, full-service program that addresses all your wellness woes.


It's the business solution that lets you start small or go big—choose the features that fit your needs today.

  • Delivers flexibility with easy-to-create team challenges and easy-to-join solo challenges
  • Supports your existing employee benefits and plan design
  • Goes beyond traditional HRAs to match employees with targeted challenges
  • Includes health-coached challenges, plus companies and employees can buy extra coaching support
  • Offers worksite biometric screenings that directly import data to hubbub platform
  • Enables you to motivate employees with cash rewards, discounts on insurance premiums and more